In the normal course of business, companies are constantly involved in activities that require - or could be aided by - appraisal or other value-related services. At Arthur Financial, we offer a wide range of professional valuation and value-related consulting services to meet those needs. Through both our internal resources and our key professional alliances, we provide the intellectual muscle and practical experience to identify and resolve a multitude of valuation issues.

Financial Analysis

At Arthur Financial, we provide a broad range of business and economic analyses, valuation and value-related consulting services to Fortune 1000 companies - both domestically and internationally. As a Texas-based company, we are experienced in a wide range of industries with a strong emphasis on the energy industry.
Intellectual property and intangible assets increasingly drive the world’s businesses; they are, in fact, the primary resource in many businesses. Our valuation experts are broadly experienced in both the analysis and appraisal of intellectual property and intangible assets for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Merger, Joint Venture, Acquisition and Divestiture Planning and Support
  • Purchase Price Allocations
    • Financial Accounting—FASB ASC 805 and 820 formerly SFAS 141 (R) and 157
    • Financial Accounting—FASB ASC 350 formerly SFAS 142
    • Federal Tax Purposes—§1060 and §338
  • Gift & Estate Tax Valuations
  • Royalty Rate and License Fee Studies
  • Solvency and Fairness Opinions
  • Transfer Pricing Studies
    • IRC §482 and §6662
    • OECD Guidelines
  • Stock Option Valuations—SFAS 123
  • Services for Workout and Bankruptcies
  • Intellectual Property/Intangible Asset Valuations
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • Asset Impairment Analyses
    • FASB ASC 350 formerly SFAS 142 —Goodwill and Other Indefinite Lived Intangible Assets
    • FASB ASC 360 formerly SFAS 144 —Long-Lived Assets

Machinery & Equipment and Other Tangible Assets

  • Fixed Asset Lifing, Obsolescence and Depreciation Studies
  • Fixed Asset Record Reconciliation and Record Clean-up
  • Inventory Valuations
  • Asset Impairment Analyses

Real Estate Valuation

Cost Segregation Studies

  • New Construction
  • Acquired Properties
  • Retroactive Studies

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